Five Foot Rope Business Connective


Five Foot Rope Business Connective was established in 2018 by Troy Colley and Suzi Manley. We started with one networking event per month and now hold three networking events per month (and growing), two to three small business expos per year and have recently included a wonderful learning group under our Five Foot Rope “Umbrella”

So it has grown through natural progression and evolved as demanded to face the business challenges created by COVID-19.


We love the networking business we have built and are so proud of the difference it has made to our community of local businesses.


We are continually looking for ways to support our community members and provide resources and tools to help them grow and advance their business.  Our goal is to help our community achieve their goals. 


At Five Foot Rope, we’re all about our members getting to know other and grow their network.  So, here is a little about us and what the hell is behind our “Five Foot Rope” name.

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Where did the name 'Five Foot Rope' come from?

A question I get asked the most is "Where did the name Five Foot Rope come from?" And I do love telling the story behind the name, as it is something that is pretty special to Troy and I.

This short video will explain why.

But our name also has another meaning. In any network, you should always be connected. Maybe not by a five foot rope, but definitely always connected! 

That is what makes a network become a community, because your network really is your net worth!

I hope you enjoy our little video.

What They're Saying

"Five Foot Rope is an invaluable networking resource. Suzi manages to create a dynamic, welcoming environment where fellow business owners can connect with each other"

Susan Herring Domann

BLS Finance

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