Get To Know Us...

Established in 2018 by Troy Colley and Suzi Manley, the Five Foot Rope Business Connective is a friendly, all-inclusive networking community, based in the Redlands, QLD, Australia.

Here is a little more about our Founders Troy and Suzi.


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Suzi Manley

Hi. Great to see you here.  I’m Suzi and I am the co-founder and owner of Five Foot Rope. I take care of the day to day “stuff” of the business and am absolutely passionate about what I do.

I grew up in Scarborough on the Redcliffe Peninsula in Queensland and I bought my first business at age 21. I had no idea what I was doing but was lucky enough to have the support and guidance of my Mum and Dad. And like my dad Brian, I was born with the “gift of the gab” and the love of sales and came into the world trying to sell the doctor a watch…..haha

I was always involved in sport growing up and have always got my energy from being around people. So to start a networking group was a natural step for me. Although I do like to say that I slid into it sideways as I had organized my first event as part of another business. We eventually got rid of that business but I decided to still hold the networking event. And I LOVED it. So after much discussion with my darling Troy, we decided to start Five Foot Rope Business Connective in 2018. Again, I had no idea what I was doing but I knew that I loved the connections that I was making, seeing the growth of the people joining me and the word spread quickly about our events and group.

Five Foot Rope has morphed into such a supportive and caring community. And our Five Foot Rope “Family” has grown into something very special. Our “Ropian’s” support each other, genuinely reach out to each other and with us all working together we have created a true business circle that is a safe space for all who choose to come along for the ride.


Troy Colley

Hey all, I’m Troy and I am the “not so silent” partner of Five Foot Rope.

I’m born and bred in Stanthorpe Queensland and came down to Brisbane in 1989 with the QLD Rugby Union (QRU). I played rugby at all levels and continue to coach and mentor kids in both rugby league and union to this day. It is my passion (alongside my family) and I love to see the kids grow both in their sporting skills and their personal development.

My “day job” is driving cranes and it is something that I really enjoy doing. Different places and challenges every day and no day is like the one before.  

Early in my sporting career I learnt that surrounding yourself with the right people, focus and passion in what you do were major factors in any journey. These are things that I apply to every aspect of my life. And it is something that I try to teach my son Cooper as well as the players that I coach.

And I believe that networking is a very important part of any business. Connecting with the right people can help make the journey so much smoother.

So when Suz mentioned to me about starting a networking group it seemed like a “no-brainer” to me. And to see it grow over these last couple of years has just been brilliant.

I also believe supporting local communities is so important. Early last year we organized the Redlands 4 Stanthorpe footy carnival to help the Stanthorpe community recover from the devastating bushfires and drought. I loved it so much we held another carnival this year and are hoping to make it an annual event. Over the 2 carnivals we were able to raise over 55,ooo litres of water to help the locals and we also able to get over 500 players, coaches and their families visit the area and support the local businesses there.

So, the fact that Five Foot Rope supports and helps local businesses grow in so many areas is something that I love. Small business is so important to the fibre of our communities and I love being a part of something that creates a platform for them to shine.